Privacy conditions

Privacy statement Waalstappers 2.0
Waalstappers is responsible for processing personal data as described in this statement.

Silvia van Es acts as Data Privacy Officer of Waalstappers.
You can mail the DPO at

Personal Data
Waalstappers uses your personal data. To be able to use our services you have submitted your personal data to us. Here's a brief overview of the data you provided:
● First and last name - mandatory
● Gender - mandatory
● Date of Birth - mandatory
● E-mailaddress - mandatory
● Avatar - optional

Personal data is used for communication and statistical analysis. Data you provide must be correct and up to date at all times. Waalstappers emphasizes the importance of this information with regards to the communication with other members and participation in activities. On our online platform we make online arrangements for meetings and we have to provide a safe environment for all participants. They have to be able to rely on the trustworthiness of their co-participants. Use of false, incomplete or fabricated personal data is explicitly forbidden. The DPO is empowered to ask for proof of correctness of personal data by means of a valid driver's licence or passport or other legal photo id. Usage of our platform implies compliancy with aforementioned rules.

Visibility of personal data
Visibility of personal data is limited by its audience. We distinguish three audiences:
● Non-subscribers: people who have not registered for our services and are not part of the organization of the waalstappers. This group can access our website and view all activities but cannot participate nor organize them.
● Subscribers: people who have signed up on our website and provided voluntarily their personal data as described above. They can participate in activities, organize them and enjoy all other features.
● Members of Waalstappers (members): these are people who play an active role in the organization of the waalstappers (de vereniging) and perform certain roles with regards to the platform service.

Mapping audience and personal data:
● First- and lastnames are the only identifying personal data elements used for communication between subscribers. In other words, subscribers find each other by their first- and lastname only. First- and lastnames are not visible to non-subscribers. Also members have access to first- and lastnames.
● Gender, birthdate and emailaddress are not visible to subscribers and non-subscribers. This data is only visible to members. For instance, our registration admin may contact users of the website by their emailaddress.
● Avatars are only visible to subscribers and members. Non-subscribers might see a blurred image of an avatar.
● Personal data is never visible to non-subscribers

It must be noted accumulated data may be used for statistical and organizational purposes as long as it's not possible to trace the data back to a specific individual. For instance, a subscriber who wants to organize an event for 70 years and older will only be able to invite and see participants meeting this criteria without seeing the individual's age.

Other data
● Email address is used as sign-in name and only visible to members.
● Password is only visible to the subscriber upon creation and stored in encrypted form.
● Functional data like participation in activities, chats, comments, etc. are only visible to subscribers and members.
● Financial data like bankaccount numbers, payments, applications for low-income support are only visible to members.

Sensitive personal data
Waalstappers does not intend to collect data from minors younger than 16 year, unless they have explicit permission from their parent or custodian. However, we don't have any means to verify the true age of any applicant. We recommend parents to be actively involved in the online behavior of their minors to prevent any party from collecting data from them. If you suspect data is being collected without your express permission, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Visual material
During activities pictures or videos of participants may be recorded and posted on our website or social media for publicity reasons. However, when a participant might appear visibly in these media, he/she will always be asked for permission before recording and publication on our website or social media. Participants who decline will have the opportunity to remain outside the picture and video frame.

Automated decisionmaking
Waalstappers does not make decisions with regards to automated processes that could have serious consequences for individuals. This includes computerlogic or computersystems making decisions without human interfering.

Retaining Personal Data
Waalstappers does not retain personal data longer than absolutely necessary given its objectives.

Providing personal data to third parties
Waalstappers only provides personal data to third parties with explicit permission from the individual involved or based on legal obligations.
Also anonimized or accumulated data can be provided to third parties such as subsidy providers.

Cookies and similar techniques
Waalstappers uses cookies and similar techniques to optimize our webservice and to collect statististical data to further improve our service.  Uplon signing in the user can decline the use of these techniques.

Viewing, adjusting or removing personal data
You have the right to view and adjust your personal data, as long as it adheres to abovementioned guidelines. Additionally, you have the right to withdraw your permission to use your data at any time. You can do so by sending your request to Make sure to attach a copy of  your photo id. We will respond as soon as possible but no later than 4 weeks from the moment we receive your request.
You do have the right to file a complaint with the dutch national authority personal data protection, the so called Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

Protection of Personal Data
Waalstappers takes protection of your Personal Data very seriously and has put measures in place to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted publication and unauthorized adjustments. If nonetheless you feel those measures do not protect your data adequately, please contact us at