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In this section you will find the terms under which our website waalstappers.nl may be used.

Intellectual property
Use of the information presented on our website is free but may not be copied or distributed and may not be used or misused in any other manner. You may only reuse the information presented on our website in accordance with applicable mandatory law.
Without written permission of Waalstappers it is not allowed to reuse any text, photos or other material on our website. Waalstappers is the sole proprietor of all information presented on waalstappers.nl.   

Pricing of services and products listed on our website are not guaranteed. We make a best effort to accurately present this data but it is still possible this data is not correct and we do not accept any liability in this respect. We also change, add or delete information without advance notice. 

Waalstappers also does not accept any responsibility for information presented on third party websites we link to.

Any changes made to the terms of use may occur without advance notice but will always be presented on this page. Therefore, always refer to this page for the latest accurate terms of use.

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