About us

Waalstappers is a community where people meet and enjoy fun activities. Members initiate activities they post on our activity overview for others to participate. There's a wide variety of activities: walking, chess, biking, lunch on sundays, concerts, bar visit, dining, cooking sessions, etc. Thanks to our passionate members there's always something that meets your needs, and if not...create an activity yourself.

But not to worry when you register there's no need to start organizing activities right away. Take your time and try a few activities that appeal to you. Remember, you don't pay anything for the first 6 months.

When you do want to organize an activity but need help, don't hesitate to mail us.  No idea is crazy. Also, if you don't want to organize it on your own, use our chat to find others.

Waalstappers is here for all kinds of people, of all ages, of all interests. Anyone living in Nijmegen or Arnhem or anywhere inbetween is welcome. Experience the joy in meeting other people by  registering now and start participating in our activities. Don't forget, the first 6 months are free. See you soon!